Over the past 45 years Crane House has been active at construction sites worldwide. During these years, we have overcome many lifting challenges and are proud of the solutions we have offered our customers. One of our specialties is development and modification of lifting equipment and we are always able to find new technical applications for any kind of machinery. Crawler cranes are our passion and when it comes to special lifting applications we believe that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

As an international Dutch supplier of lifting equipment the name of Crane House is well respected. We have a creative team with experience and know-how to develop your operational lifting solutions. Our 24/7 worldwide repair service team is one of our main assets: time is never wasted. We take care of the environment while working on the job sites and treat everybody with respect. We are customer focused and personal contact is a standard feature at Crane House. 

For any lifting challenge you have on land or water, Crane House can provide the optimal solution.


Customer focused

We value our customers and are committed to offer the best quality solutions for them

Globally minded

Crane House is accustomized to working with different cultures around the world

People and Environment

Our employees share a deep commitment to save the environment and treat people with respect

Solution oriented

We always find creative solutions for your challenges to make the project successful